[NetEpic ML] OCR of Adeptus Titanicus Articles

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 21:22:13 -0800

Finally found a decent OCR package that I can use to scan the Adeptus
Titanicus articles. I usually use Textbridge Pro 98 (nice program but VERY
finicky about OCRing image files) but so far only OmniPage Pro 10 (I'm using
the demo) seems to be able to do it. It's not perfect but better then me
typing everything out. I OCRd the Land Raider article from WD #109 and it
comes out to 69KB. Even after I format it and add back in some of the
pictures and the cards it will still be a lot smaller then the original. And
even better you will be able to print them! (Yes I've tried printing the
JPEGS eheh). Don't ask me why Peter scanned them at 20inches across with
only 75dpi (urk).

I'll see how long it takes me to do this article before I move on to the
other ones. For those of you not "in the know" as far as Adeptus Titanicus
goes the original infantry rules are pretty funky - they even had different
grenade types for the different infantry stands! And you may have thought
NetEpic was fiddly about details heehh

If anyone has the original articles and would like to spare me endless hours
of slaving away at Word I'd be more then happy to send people the OCRd text
that they could then pretty up and spellcheck :)) Any takers? :)~

I'll try to get the Land Raider article done by Sunday and then move on to
working with Codex Titanicus and finish the end of that up (mainly adding
the graphics in).

Until later!
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