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I am sorry but i think that the some of the rules are a bit complex for
Comments follow:

> Artillery Classes
> Under these rules all artillery types are grouped into three general
> categories. These three categories are then broken up by guidance type (or
> lack thereof).
> --Categories--
> Tube
> Rocket
> Drone

Maybe different types of firing rules for each category?
(e.g. "direct fire" rule, for rockets)

> --Guidance--
> *Guided - Guided munitions have some ability to home in on the signals
> ...
> *Unguided - Unguided munitions are just that - unguided. This covers the
> ...
> *Uncontrolled - These munitions are not only unguided, but tend to be very
> inaccurate as well. But in compensation they tend to be VERY powerful and
> with large areas of effect.
> Uncontrolled munitions ALWAYS scatters 2d6cm even with a Spotter, or
> 4d6cm if firing indirect with no Spotter.

IMHO, this last type is useless, if there is a special weapon that is that
inacurate you can always create a special rule for that unit only (as
long as there arent an endless number of units in this situation).

> Ranging Shot
> An artillery battery that does not change targets or move receives a +1 to
> hit if it fires on the same target as it did during the previous turn. The
> bonus is not improved if multiple turns are spent firing at the same
> target.

I would say only if the target is STATIC (e.g. didnt move for some
reason, FF, etc...).

> Artillery Orders
> First Fire: Artillery can fire in the First fire segment. The unit may
> ...
> Advance: Artillery may fire in the Advance fire segment THEN move up to
> ...

I dont see the point of these rule changes, why give artillery units on
FF, 2 shots instead of one?
And the advancing fire rule seem like just another special rule.
Maybe if artillery could "Direct Fire"(rule below) only while on
"Advance" and after having moved. (i dont recall if it is like that in the
current rules)

> Charge: Normal rules.
> Note that all artillery fire takes place BEFORE other fire during the same
> phase. Thus during the First Fire phase (for example) all artillery units on
> First Fire alternate fire before other units may fire.

Seems nice.

> Arc of Damage
> ...
> Falling Short
> Once the battery fires and range is being determined you must check to see
> if the rounds fall short. This happens if when measuring the range it is
> found that the artillery cannot fire that far. The template is then placed
> at the maximum range of the artillery based on a straight line drawn from
> the battrery and the target. Anything falling under the template is attacked
> as normal. Do not roll for scatter in this case.

I would say, roll for scatter as normal and then drawn a straight line,
etc, etc... It seems more logical.

> Deviation
> ...
> Counter Battery

Unneeded complexity.

> Range
> ...

I think the current rules for forward observers are accurate enough and
yet simple...
I would say forget the Active/Passive Designators, it unneeded bloat!

> Direct Fire
> ...

I like this one, maybe only available for a special type os artillery?

> Optional: Artillery Rounds
> ...
> *Smoke - Smoke rounds do no damage, instead the firing player may place a
> ...
> *Anti-Personnel - these rounds are specifically designed to be more
> ...
> *Anti-Tank - these rounds come in many shapes and sizes. Some release small
> ...

It seems to be a good idea, but i would let anti-tank rounds out of it,
and assume that they are the standard rounds.
Perhaps Anti-Personal could be: large template, half BPs and 0 TSM.

> Optional: Command Vehicles
> ...

Just my 2 cents,



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