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>I have several pages of notes left over from the months that some friends
>and I worked on writing a WW2 skirmish game. We found some cheap, but
>detailed plastic infantry figs and even found some cheap, large, motorized
>diecast tanks to the same scale.
>If you go to the library and pick up any book on WW2 infantry weapons it
>should have appropriate numbers. I do know that as units on both sides
>experienced more and more combat they had a tendency to pick up extra
>weapons along the way.....from both sides of the conflict. This caused the
>common occurence of old salt units possessing 2 or 3 times the normal
>of machineguns and anti-tank weaponry.
>If you want someone to review your rules as you go, just let me know and I
>would be happy to help.

Okay, cool. i will send you the rules as soon as they reach a playable state

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