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Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 18:18:10 -0800

Hello everyone,

   I am an old Epic enthusiast and have recently dug my models up after
a five year hiatus from the game. I own a rather large collection (50+
Titians, all the armies produced at that time, over $2000 worth of
models. etc.) and I went to a local hobby store (Bridgetown Hobbies and
Games) and found that the game wasn't even produced anymore! In fact
the bare handful of blisters on the shelf had been there for over two
years one store attendent informed me! Outrageous!
What was there was all Tyranid product, an army that didn't even exist
when I was playing the game.
   What I would very much like to know is if there are any clubs,
groups, or individuals in the greater Portland Metro area who would be
interested in another opponent. I would also like to get my hands on
one of the old style Great Gargants (I have three of the smaller ones,
but my collection lacks one of the big boys). I am specifically looking
for the older style of the mini as I wasn't impressed much with what
they came out with in the later series of Gargant models.


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