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From: Simon Dodds <sdodds_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 14:11:54 +1100
Hi there, everyone

I just got sent this, I think it may interest a large number of you



Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 21:56:54 -0500
From: Michael Cooney
Subject: Armies of Armageddon: The Wargamers Developement Kit
To: sdodds_at_...

Hi, my name is Mike Cooney and I head up a small company called Boku Strategy Games.  We just released a game called Armies of Armageddon: The Wargamers Development Kit (AoA:WDK).  It's a very exciting product for the miniatures hobby because it's the first and only computer package aimed squarely at them: turn-based, multi-phase, "paintable" units, squad level, tactical, (completely) modifiable stats, army setup, PBEM integration, and much more!

I call it a "package" because it's more than just a game.  With the development kit, you can:

- Create your own scenarios - draw the map, pick and place the armies, write the story and define the ending objectives.
- Define each of the 41 stats for per unit in your army
- Define all the stats for the terrain and weapons
- *Draw* your own units, terrain and weapons using standard Windows bitmaps
- *Draw* your own weapon effects and explosions using standard Windows bitmaps
- *Draw* your own Interface even using standard Windows bitmaps!
- Create all your own sounds using standard Windows wave format
- Create your own campaign, tying all the scenarios together

Together this means you can create any theme you can dream up - space wars, robot wars, car wars, future wars, historical wars, fantasy wars, etc.  With the wide set of modifiable rules, you can convincingly convert just about any current miniatures game to run through AoA:WDK.    The game ships with a 20 scenario sci-fi campaign set in the future of Earth.

I've personally been a miniatures gamer my whole life (lots of made up games :-), Epic, 40K, Warzone, Battletech...) and essentially created my "perfect" game.  To give you an idea of the strength of AoA:WDK, it's predecessor - Circa 7000 - started selling in early 1995 and was still on people's hard drives this year.  This is the kind of value and longevity that we designed the game for.

I'm writing to you because I have visited your website and I need help getting the word out so miniature gamers know AoA:WDK exists.

I invite you to read through the Sneek Peek in PC Game World (PC Gamer):


And this (11/07) 4 of 5 star review (!) on Computer Games Online (Computer
Game Strategy Plus):


You can download the demo here, where there is also a lively discussion board (where you'll get the best info about the extreme tactical nature of the game and deadly AI):


This is a page we've put together to support the product and distribute gamers' scenarios:


Once you plow through this, you'll hopefully be impressed enough with it to include a link to our website and a few good words.  I've attached an animated banner as well that I'd be very pleased if you used. :-)  Links should go to: http://www.battlefront.com/products/future/aoa/index.html.

That's it!  I'd be interested to hear what you think about the game!

Michael Cooney
Boku Strategy Games
mailto:[email protected]

Simon Dodds
ICQ# 2718201

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