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From: Flo LeBlanc <leblanc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 02:26:04 +0100

Perhaps we should call him "Squat-at-Arms" *ggg*
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  I agree with your point of view. Its title should be techmaster of something like that, but not be of religious bent, since squats are not religiously inclined like the Imperium is.

  If someone has a better name let me know so as to change it.


  Axel Michelsen wrote:

    I reread my squat armylist the other day, and I found
    that they have a unit called something like
    I like the unit, but is it not wrong to name a squat
    unit something like a priest.
    According to my Orc and Squat warlords squats are
    natural with machines, and they have a high technology

    these things taken into account I think that the sqaut
    unit should be renamed, because it makes the squats
    look like religous fanatics, which they are not, just
    like the imperium.

    - Axel


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