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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 21:05:48 +0000


Well playing every much everything under the sun and against anything here goes
some pearls of wisdom.

Pure marine forces are a challenge to play. Amry construction requires some
extra thought:

Get as much infantry as you can, you have the best the game can offer and at
good cost. Battle companies are the best. since they give you a mix of all
available troops. At least one land raider company to engage enemy armor at a
distance (not as transport).

Marines need titans as heavy artillery. I also bring a warlord with barrage
missiles and deathstrike cannon for support. Keep the warlord at baseline to
minimize retailiatory fire.

A medic of two behind where you got the devastators can be a nice pain for your

Against orks use the different parts of the battle company to support each
other, remeber that your greater mobility gets you there faster than ork
infantry, use your bikes to intercept and buy time for your forces to set up
around objectives. You need only do this the first turn them all those units
can go on first fire orders next turn.

Keep warlod titan misslies ready to fire at incoming infantry, ignore all else
without the ork infantry he cannot dislodge you from the objective. Use assualt
troops in timely counter charges as the orks approach. land raider should go
for anything that closes in on enemy objectives.

Use flyer more, especially t-hawks ork AA cover is inferior to most armies and
t-hawks hace a good chance of getting in.

A well timed drop pod mission can really throw the orks of balance for the rest
of the game.

One key point- dont bother with the gargants you dont have enough firepower to
take them out quick.

To defeat them you must take a different approach. They are better than you in
assault so shooting is the way to go. Devastator comapnies are key backed with
medics. A couple of assault troops should be on reserve if they enemy gets to

More land raider are good to take out demon engines.

Terminators are useful here since the higher CAF can come in useful, but the
must be supported.

Titans as in the case of orks must come with massive artillery support.

The key against chaos is delay, the more obstacles in the way the more time to
shoot at them. Chaos is a terrible first turn army. spent most in charging then
shooting. This is the time to get them. All devastator should be able to fire
from the first turn in first fire or advance, sont waste them on charge orders.

Fire at infantry let the raiders take care of the demon engines.

Bring grey knights, now most people use them wrong and teleport them around a
demon kill it at the cost of the grey knight -NO NO NO. Teleport it amongst
your OWN lines at the point they are needed most to act as a deterent. Most
chaos player stay well away from them since they cant use cards to come back to
life. Their shooting (nenemsis force weapons) count as psychic attacks and
makes a nice safe radius around the position to rally your forces.

Well thats all the pearls I have for now.


Weasel Fierce wrote:

> Do anyone out there play marines in NetEpic???? And could they give me some
> detailed advice on how to stomp my foes (Primarily orks and chaos)
> Some IG / techguard advice is okay too but primarily marines
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