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Heres some IG tidbits from someone whose played them alot.

Army composition
Artillery is at the core of your forces, but too many will hinder your ability
to take objectives due to the lack of troops. One artillery company per 3000
points is good enough, remember to get a Hydra flak battery for it since flyers
usually hunt artillery.

A tarantula unit or Ogryns are good close in defenders.

Get tactical troops and back these with heavy weapons companies; they are very
cost effective cheap and have lots of firepower.

Roughriders and bikers are your assault forces and sacrificial troops. Don't
worry about their loss thats what they are for to protect your more valuable

For heavy firepower super heavies are good, but support them with infantry.

The leman russ is a solid tank for your armored thrust.

Rule number one never attack piecemeal. Choose which objectives you wish to take
and attack it with multiple units in waves. For example use assault troops to
get their quick and them come in with tacticals. Roughriders attack any incoming
reinforcements and heavy weapon guardsmen support the attack. Concentrate your
firepower around the objectives dont waste it on long range pot shots.

If a position is very strong hit it with artillery and then attack.

A few tidbits to get you started!


ImDaCow_at_... wrote:

> COOL! I started an IG army (I loved the artillary, whats why I play Dwarves
> in Fantasy). But I don't know of any players around where I live (Near
> Washington D.C.) so I can't play with anybody or learn about IG. This
> discussion will help me a lot too!
> David
> PS - White Dwarf #216 has a rundown of the EPIC IG stuff as well as IG tank
> painting hints.
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