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Chaos not random? The fickle whims of the Chaos Gods can not be interpreted
by mere mortals. Just when you think your Chaos God has blessed you with a
new mutation, this may really be the start of the transformation to Chaos
Spawn. The more Blessings your God gives you, the more likely you will
become Chaos Spawn. Chaos is the very essence of Randomness

The one unfortunate thing about the Chaos Reward Cards was that there
weren't any of them that actually hurt your units. I think that about 40%
of them should have been negative/harmful and you should be forced to play
them, before the battle, on a unit lead by the Daemon that drew the card.
Now that would be much more in Character for Chaos. Doesn't Fantasy have
some Chaos rewards that can hurt the Chaos army? Too bad they didn't
implement something like this in Epic Space Marines.

Brian A. Evans

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The various fluff mention chaos making planetary assaults...how could they
with only drop pods...drop pods are very random and I cant believe that
chaos marines would fight in such a random manner


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