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>"Wilding, Karl" wrote:
> > >I think that no Space Marine pilot would let his machine fall
> > >into Chaotic hands.
> >
> > Any more than a Titan princeps would allow his machine to fall to chaos?
> > There are PLENTY of chaos titans around...
>Touche..... As far as I know and read about chaos they do have transports
>the t-hawk kind, whether they by exactly like them or not is up to debate,
>but that they employ them is without question.
>Of course this can be ended by by changing the name of the chaos t-hawk.

In space marine first edition they had the old thunderbolt...

40K3 mentions troops descending from one of the chaos craft (The big
bomber...cant remembe its name)

The various fluff mention chaos making planetary assaults...how could they
with only drop pods...drop pods are very random and I cant believe that
chaos marines would fight in such a random manner

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