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><groan> pinning questions and how to resolve close combat involving special
>figs like medics are always a pain. I recommend the following solutions:
>1. According to the original epic rules the player with numeric superiority
>gets to resolve the combat how he sees fit. Meaning the marine player can
>elect that the medic combat be held last. This is by far the best solution
>since it doen't need player consensus. You either have the most or you
>2. Resolve close combat in any manner, but always apply the medics bonus
>since close combat is simultaneous. Logical, but always argued over.
>3. Alsways resolve combat involving special models last. Least defensable.
>Take from me whose been around the epic block more than once. the first is
>by far the way to go, since as I said no one can argue much after the count
>is made, this also makes it in the players interest ot feed more units into
>combat if special figs are involved.
>As for the damage after firing. It is immediate and results are applied the
>nand there, meaning that a unit that has been hit and destroyed gets no
>chance to retailiate.
>As far as time scale...well.. you may have opened an interesting venue of
>discussion, GW games are notorious for having NO SCALE period, no time, no
>ground and no model to actual troop ratio. GW unfortunately is not known
>its inventiveness in this arena. Then again the question would be what
>SHOULD the scale be. It will be interesting to see the responses.

Well, if the models represent the actual unit sizes then assume 15 minutes
for a turn.

I rather think that each model represents something like 10 times the number
of troops and that each turn last 1-2 hours

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