[NetEpic ML] Re: Close Combat Question

From: S. Birol Akmeric <BAkmeric_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 22:53:50 +0200

Hi Everybody!

> I have a Close Combat question for all you expert Net Epic gamers.
> Five Eldar jet bikes engage a Marine Medic in close combat. Later in
> the same turn, the marines counter attack with rhinos into the same
> close combat. The stands in contact now resemble this:
> 3 rhinos vs. 1 bike
> 2 rhinos vs. 1 bike
> 1 rhino vs. 1 bike
> 2 rhino vs. 1 bike
> no rhino vs. 1 bike
> All the bikes are in contact with the medic.
> How should this be resolved? Does the Marine player get to select
> which of his
> pieces rolls first, so he can possibly save the medic, or does the
> Eldar choose
> since he originally attacked the medic?

Start from the outermost circle. First resolve the attackers who touch only
a single stand. Then go one layer inside. First play the ones that haven't
fought yet (against unfought opponents, if posssible). After all models
fight once, go on with the second round. Play the outermost survivors and so

We have discussed this before in the old list, and I believe we've reached
consensus on the above method as a general house rule or even maybe as a
NetEpic Optional rule. Could somebody check the Core Rules and Optional
Rules booklets?

> Also, one more question.
> Both sides alternate detachments during a firing segment. Is the
> damage applied immediatly, or is all firing simultaneous? What is the
> time scale in Net Epic?

All damages are applied immediately.

> OK, just one more tiny question.
> One army has a large number of units, the other side few. The army with
> a few detachments won initiative and would like the last move. Is this
> possible?
> Or does the larger army always get the last move?

The second.

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