[NetEpic ML] The Epic stuff that I am selling on Ebay

From: Dan Pelletier <dqp76_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 09:10:54 PST

Hello, Everybody

I am getting out of epic 40k. I acctually didnt play that much but I bought
a lot of figs. Which are on auction at ebay if you wnat to take a look the
numbers are 199452734 (chaos)old chaos horbe & blood renegnds, 199453837
(tyranid) 1 herophant bio-titan, & more 199455332 (space marine)which has in
it 4 new style thunderhawks + 199457820 (eldar)4 titans, flyers + 199458876
(orks) a mega gargant,a slasha gargant, 3 battle fortress +, 199459999
(buildings some 15 old cardboard style and some new rubble (3 boxes worth) +
plus all the dice counters and cards that I have from 3 new boxes & an old
spacemarine box.

Thanks for you interest.


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