[NetEpic ML] Space Marine Dreadnoughts

From: Brian Evans <brian.a.evans_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 12:07:21 -0800

I took a quick look at the Space Marine Army List. I have a question
concerning the seven different kinds of Dreads available. Why?

Is it really necessary to have seven different kinds of Dreadnoughts?
Epic system is supposed to be a large scale (Epic) battle system, not a
skirmish game. A battle conducted at this large of a scale doesn't
need to be concerned with the small differences between dreadnought
combinations. Epic should be big, simple, sweeping in its handling of
combat. I don't think it helps to get tripped up over minor changes in

I think that having a single Dreadnought type could better represent
dreadnoughts in an Epic battle. The basic Space Marine Dreadnought has
a big
gun and a big close combat weapon. This is similar to how Tactical,
Devastator and Scout squads are handled; they each have only one

Is there a reason for having this many different Dreadnought variants?
Are we
gaining something by having this level of detail for Dreadnoughts?
squads and vehicles, generally, do not go down to this level of detail
minor changes in their weapon configurations. Usually only the most
variant is represented in Epic. (i.e. the standard variant)

If we want to see the level of detail represented by the seven
Dreadnought types, shouldn't we also provide multiple versions of the
squad, depending on what weapons they are equipped with? I can think
of 16
different variants of a tactical squad just dealing with Heavy and
weapon combinations.

One final note; there is even a Detachment that combines individual
variants into a single squad. Is it really necessary to have a squad
made up
of 4 models, each representing a different variant of the Dreadnought?
Imperial Super Heavy Tanks don't do this, you either buy a single
or a whole Company of ShadowSwords, no mixing and matching. Super
Heavy Tanks
also cost 4 to 8 times as much as a single Dreadnought.

I am not trying to rant or tear apart your gaming system. I am just
trying to
determine what were the motivating factors for some of changes I see
from Epic
Space Marines to NetEpic.

Brian A. Evans
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