[NetEpic ML] Re: What's the best way to paint?

From: Dave <warprat_at_...>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 13:39:00 -0800

Well, the spay paint I understand.

But, the drybrushing, no. What type of old brush, toothbrush?
What kind of lighter color paint, modeling paint?
What's an AA brush?

Yeh, that titan of yours is a killing machine. But, I know how to take
him down. We tied last time, next time.......we'll see.

Thanks, James and Peter!


> Here here... you've seen my epic collection Dave. Over 80% is simply
> spray painted mini's with details picked out (and inked in some
> cases). What I typically do is after I spray I get an old brush and
> drybrush a lighter color than the spray over the unit then pick out
> the details with an AA brush. The drybrushing gives the minis some
> depth. The larger mini's are painted as I would paint a 25 mm mini
> (with greater time spent on detailing etc.).
> I have thousands of epic minatures and half are painted only because I
> did it with this mass production method. :)
> My Battle the other day was a total route. This is due to the facttha
> tuit was his first time playing and the dice were not at all kind to
> him, and were phenomenal for me (nothing you can do about that). In
> spite of this overwhelming defeat, he is really excited about the game
> and is thinking about building a space marine chapter. I gave him
> about tweny sprues of space marines to start with since I have so many
> I will never use.
> I played Eldar again, the same titan I fielded against you, an eldar
> battle host, a windrider host (man, I was really impressed with the
> close combat effectivness of all those bikes), my tempest tanks, and
> some dreadnoughts. He had two Space Wolf Great companies, two warhound
> titans, two whirlwind detachments, and a speeder detatchment. It was
> almost a complete route. He killed my avatar with terminators, and
> broke a few detachments, but lost his entire force with the exchance.
> He learned a lot about the game though, and will be a much better
> opponent next game!
> James
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> Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: What's the best way to paint?
> Hi!
> Take it from someone who hand painted over 200,000 points
> worth of epic units. USE SPRAY PAINT. Don't buy the
> expensive stuff either, spray paint from a discount store is
> good enough and cheap. Remember to buy FLAT paint not gloss.
> Spray paint the main color of the unit then you can hand
> paint any detail like teh guns and such, beleive me the time
> saved is enormous and the end result is very good.
> Peter
> Dave wrote:
> Hi!
> What's the best way to paint Infantry stands?
> How about armor?
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