[NetEpic ML] Re: What's the best way to paint?

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Here here... you've seen my epic collection Dave. Over 80% is simply spray
painted mini's with details picked out (and inked in some cases). What I
typically do is after I spray I get an old brush and drybrush a lighter
color than the spray over the unit then pick out the details with an AA
brush. The drybrushing gives the minis some depth. The larger mini's are
painted as I would paint a 25 mm mini (with greater time spent on detailing
I have thousands of epic minatures and half are painted only because I did
it with this mass production method. :)

My Battle the other day was a total route. This is due to the facttha tuit
was his first time playing and the dice were not at all kind to him, and
were phenomenal for me (nothing you can do about that). In spite of this
overwhelming defeat, he is really excited about the game and is thinking
about building a space marine chapter. I gave him about tweny sprues of
space marines to start with since I have so many I will never use.

I played Eldar again, the same titan I fielded against you, an eldar battle
host, a windrider host (man, I was really impressed with the close combat
effectivness of all those bikes), my tempest tanks, and some dreadnoughts.
He had two Space Wolf Great companies, two warhound titans, two whirlwind
detachments, and a speeder detatchment. It was almost a complete route. He
killed my avatar with terminators, and broke a few detachments, but lost his
entire force with the exchance. He learned a lot about the game though, and
will be a much better opponent next game!


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  Take it from someone who hand painted over 200,000 points worth of epic
units. USE SPRAY PAINT. Don't buy the expensive stuff either, spray paint
from a discount store is good enough and cheap. Remember to buy FLAT paint
not gloss. Spray paint the main color of the unit then you can hand paint
any detail like teh guns and such, beleive me the time saved is enormous and
the end result is very good.


  Dave wrote:

    What's the best way to paint Infantry stands?

    How about armor?

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