[NetEpic ML] Re: Mail votes.......looong but do it

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 12:19:43 -0800

> Psykers:
> A: Keep current NetEpic rules (psykers can pick a power to cast each turn
> from a list of 3)

Keep it the same, maybe add a few extra powers. NetEpic should be about HUGE
battles, Heresy can handle the skirmishes.

> Firefights:
> A: No firefights

Firefights are one of the biggest rules wierdness parts of E40K. Keep it out
of our system.

> Morale:
> A: Current NetEpic morale rules

Nothing wrong with what he have now. It works fine with huge numbers of

> Suppression:
> A: No, keep current rules

Supression is cool as hell (I myself agitated for NetEpic supression rules
as you may remmber) but it's too cumbersome for huge battles.

> Super heavy units:
> D: Assign super heavies a damage rating (slightly similar to titan rules
> from Incoming)

The Incoming Titan rules could be easily adapted to superheavies to make
them decent again.

> Smoke / blind cover:

> A: No smoke screens

Too fiddly for NetEpic.

> Assault resolution:
> A: No additional rules

This would cause so many wierd rules interactions it would be insane.

> Crossfire:
> A: No crossfire rules in NetEpic

This was ridiculous in E40K and would be ridiculous in NetEpic.

> Regrouping:

Optional rule.

> Digging in:
> A: Keep current dig in rules

Nothing needs to be changed IMHO.

> Stealth orders A.K.A. sneaking:
> A: No stealth

Ugh. No thanks.

> Combat phase order:
> A: Keep current turn sequence

Works fine now.

> Movement phase order:
> B: Old system where all units falling back move first. Then move units
> charging and finally advancing units.

This seems the most logical and fair.

> Titan anti-personnel weapons:
> B: Give each titan a single AP weapon (1-2 attacks hitting on 4+ or 5+.
> Range about 50 cm. Allround fire arc or at least 180 to the front)

It seems odd to say the least that the Princeps can't even bolt on some
freakin' infantry bolters to the titans head :) Give them back their heavy

> Company missions:
> D: Missions as optional rule only. Both players has to agree upon the use
> missions

This sounds cool, but should be just as optional as the Titan Missions (hey,
remember that the original Titan missions in CT were broken as hell).

> Using tanks for cover:
> B: Infantry in contact with a tank and with the vehicle positioned between
> them and the enemy are at -1 to-hit against enemy fire

I say we adapt the "hull-down" rules from AT. They could work for both
vehicles and infantry.

NetEpic Idea Rat

> Please make multiple votes if ya like more than one option
> Weasel
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