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From: Daniel Wiebell <dwiebell_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 19:37:40 PST

Dan's Vote part II,

>There's no denying that psykers are a potent part of any army in the
>fortyfirst millenium so it is worth considering their effect on battles a

Hmmmm. Perhaps a combination of E40K and our current system?


I love the firefights rule but it will just slow the game down more.

>One of the biggest differences between game systems is how morale is
>handled. Therefore it is worth considerating for NetEpic 4.0 as well.

Leave it where it is. Peter's Heresy system gives more realism, but I never
figured out how you were supposed to keep track of all the different units
different morale levels.


My opinion on most of these extra 'realism' rules is to leave them in
Heresy. Heresy was the system designed by Peter for more experienced players
who wanted a very detailed and realistic wargame. I was always under the
impression that NetEpic was a simpler system.

>Super heavy units:

I like the current rules.

>Smoke / blind cover:

Either optional rules or not at all.

>Assault resolution:
>Many games allow troops that win (or force troops that lose) to move,
>either to retreat or to consolidate their position.
>This also opens up opportunities for NetEpic

I like F: As E but unit is only forced back 10 cm. Victors may advance up to
10 cm. I really missed driving defenders back from objectives in NetEpic. I
always seem to have to destroy defenders to a man.


Hmmm nah.


The regrouping rules would be quite good in a campaign game.

>Digging in:

While it is tempting to place actual terrain pieces where the defenders dug
in, some players wouldn't have that much scenery. For people with lots of
scenery it is quite fine.

>Stealth orders A.K.A. sneaking:

I always assumed that stealth abilities were covered by units that could not
be targeted at distances greater than 25cm.

>Combat phase order and Movement phase order.

Leave them the way they are.

>Titan anti-personnel weapons:

This is covered by the NetEpic 'suicidal' close combat rules for infantry vs

>Company missions:

D: Missions as optional rule only. Both players has to agree upon
their use.

That's about it.

See ya


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