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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 09:13:06 +0000


Daniel Wiebell wrote:

> >Morale:
> >One of the biggest differences between game systems is how morale is
> >handled. Therefore it is worth considerating for NetEpic 4.0 as well.
> Leave it where it is. Peter's Heresy system gives more realism, but I never
> figured out how you were supposed to keep track of all the different units
> different morale levels.

No need to worry counters will cover this. Were thinking on making a different
color counter for each morale level with its morale value on it. Much easier to
track this way.

> >Suppression:
> My opinion on most of these extra 'realism' rules is to leave them in
> Heresy. Heresy was the system designed by Peter for more experienced players
> who wanted a very detailed and realistic wargame. I was always under the
> impression that NetEpic was a simpler system.

True, I have tried to make suppression rules for net epic, all are horribly
artificail and slow the game down. This is one thing we can leave out.

> I like F: As E but unit is only forced back 10 cm. Victors may advance up to
> 10 cm. I really missed driving defenders back from objectives in NetEpic. I
> always seem to have to destroy defenders to a man.

I agree, although teh resolution system is simple it is not decisive. Perhaps
the simplest thing is to obligate teh loser (as detemined by who lost the most
stands in combat) to retreat a full fallback move and have teh victor move to
take the objective. This adds no complications to the game and gets a more
decisive result to close combat. It also eliminates a lot of cheesy

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