[NetEpic ML] Re: Does anybody play IG?

From: S. Birol Akmeric <BAkmeric_at_...>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 01:00:36 +0200

> I want some information about playing IG in NetEpic - has anybody ever
> with that army?
> David

I did, for about 5 years. They (when I play them) lose more often than not,
but are still magnanimous. They have more infantry per point than any other
army, more tank variants (all with the 'classical' look, even 'gothic', if
you prefer), plus the ever persevering slowness. More, barring a few special
troops, they have no veterans and super-units, and are handicapped by their
command rule. Perhaps all they have is their powerful artillery (totally
useless against fast armies like Eldar and armies containing a large number
of Titans/Gargants). Still, they have this 'romantic' feeling that gives you
the pleasure of commanding such an army.
They resemble a strange combination of WWII US and USSR armies; with a twist
(or two).

Of course, they are allowed to purchase Titans, and they can form natural
alliances with TG and SM and may even fight side by side with Squats and
Eldar. But I always thought those combinations destroy the purity of the IG
army. Perhaps because I always preferred the fair-play games like WWII
battles to trick-in-the-hat sort SF and fantasy games (BTW, as a reader, I
like SF - the real genre - , I have the largest collection of paperbacks in
the Balkans, Causasus and Middle-East area [I live in Istanbul, Turkey] with
my 700-odd books library). I fought often against Chaos with their Greater
Demons and stuff but I always felt more like favoring friends than playing
real war games.

So, to keep it short (?), I like IG. And I can live with SMs and Squats, and
prefer to fight against them. Even Orks (excepting a few fantastic units
like Towers etc) are acceptable.

Oh, IG tactics. Use Tactical companies for cannon fodder and screening (read
NetEpic version 3.0 rules, contrary to Peter's assesment, infantry DO block
sight to other infantry - sorry Peter ;) - ), always use an artillery
company, take one or two (when allowed) heavy companies (they're cheap), and
defend your last objective with Ogryns. And yes, take a lot of those tanks,
SH and otherwise. Even if you lose, they look great in the field. Tunellers
and Praetorians, if not very effective, can be quite annoying too. Use Bike
and Rough Rider Companies too! They not only look impressive, but are also
very useful, against any kind of opponent (perhaps except Titans).


P.S. : Sentinels hit on 4!
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