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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
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Scale and time elapsed has alsways been vague and never eluded to by GW.
This makes certain aspects of the game pretty wierd. I'd say each
vehicle represents about 5 vehicles and one infantry stands represents
30-50- men.

A epic "turn" shouls last in scale from 30-60 minutes.

I beleive for the revision this should be clear up since most games
establish range and time scale.


Brian Evans wrote:

> Hello Peter, How long is an Epic turn? I have always assumed that an
> Epic turn represented enough time to fire a squad's weapons multiple
> times. If you look at WH40K 2nd or 3rd edition, five marines firing
> their bolters will only result in about a single casualty to a Space
> Marine squad. It seems reasonable that one Epic turn represents
> multiple shots. This way, a squad of marines would probably take
> enough casualties to become combat ineffective. The same can be said
> for a LasCannon being fired at a Space Marine squad. The LasCannon
> can only affect a single marine at a time and each pull of the trigger
> will probably result in a Marine death. If an Epic turn represents
> multiple LasCannon shots, it is reasonable that a squad of marines
> could get shot up pretty bad, even though the LasCannon is not
> specifically an anti-infantry weapon. It seems reasonable that weapons
> that aren't specifically designed to destroy infantry (LasCannon) can
> be expected to destroy a squad after multiple firings. I still have
> not figured out how bolters (Space Marine Tactical Squad) can pierce
> the armor of a LandRaider though. Here is my best attempt though: 1.
> All tactical squads really have a Heavy Weapon, like a LasCannon, with
> them. The reason bolters are listed is because the majority of the
> weapons in a tactical squad are bolters, while they only have a single
> Heavy Weapon. The reason Devastators list Heavy Weapons, is because
> the majority of the weapons are Heavy Weapons, this does not rule out
> that the Sergeant might have a bolter or a bolt pistol/close combat
> weapon. This would at least fit in with the 40K game, etc. 2. After
> a veritable hail of Bolter fire strikes the hull of a tank, the tank
> crew decides that discretion is the better part of valor and they
> decide to move to a safer part of the battlefield. Tankers don't like
> to ride "buttoned-up" and have an inordinate fear of infantry attacks,
> if the enemy is close enough that you are receiving small arms fire,
> you are probably risking an infantry assault..........O.K., this is a
> real stretch, I better just stick to #1 above :-) Brian A. Evans
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> Hi!
> They cant hurt them by shooting but they can still hurt them in close
> combat.
> Peter
> Weasel Fierce wrote:
>> >Actually anti-armor weapons can effect infantry they just dont get
>> a save
>> >versus
>> >them they get hit and get vaporized. Infantry soft saves get a
>> chance to
>> >save
>> >versus anti-infantry weapons.
>> >
>> >A tac marine would look something like this: CAF 2, armor save 4.
>> IF hit by
>> >a
>> >heavy bolter with lets say a -2 save modifier the marine saves on a
>> 6. If
>> >hit by
>> >a las-cannon (anti-armor) it is hit and destroyed no save.
>> Conversely the
>> >heavy
>> >bolter has no effect on a land raider for example.
>> This looks VERY good. Much more like the way it should be.
>> However, will this system mean that infantry can't hurt tanks or
>> just that
>> the tank get to save unmodified versus tacticals etc.?????
>> >
>> >Peter
>> >
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