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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 11:29:03 -0800


On the other side of the coin, I LOVE the ability of average
troops to be able to kill tanks with normal weapons. But it
takes a lot of shots to take a tank down. Death by a thousand
pin pricks!

It takes an average of 18 Guardians to kill 1 Landraider
Or, 4 1/2 IG heavy weapon troops firing twice.

Stompas are untouchable by IG Tacs but an average of 18 IG
heavy weapon troops firing twice will take one down.
Hey, thats equal to one whole COMPANY of Devistators!

I think this is very good play ballance.

But even in WWII, infantry had a use when at range against tanks, they
made them "button up". A tank would normally have the commander of
the vehicle looking out the top, so he would know better what was
happening on the battlefield. His increased spotting ability meant
that the tank could react to danger more quickly, or take advantage
of an opportunity. When a tank does not have the commander's spotting
ability, and the tank has closeed as many hatches as possible, to
avoid rifle fire, the tank is at a terrible disadvantage. It's
almost blind, as a matter of fact. Nothing is worse, for a tanker crew,
than not knowing what is happening around them! A blind tank is easy
meat, for anyone.

Yes, infantry, in Epic, are more powerfull than thier WWII counterparts.
But Epic does not include the limitation of tanks needing to button

I believe, these two factors ballance each other out somewhat, and
make Epic a much more simple, enjoyable game.

Thanks for your attention,

Weasel Fierce wrote:
> >Hi!
> >
> >They cant hurt them by shooting but they can still hurt them in close
> >combat.
> well, i really don't like the idea of tactical troops being unable to
> scratch tanks...after all, most people have loads of core grunts so making
> them suck will just make the "heavy company armies" more common.
> And this is bad, because an army standing back on first fire is plain
> boring.
> I totally agree that tank bolters and similar vehicle weapons should be
> anti-infantry only.
> But to make the squads of tactical infantry so poor is bad...
> Wel, enough ranting from me.......
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