[NetEpic ML] Hey Dave...

From: James Beadle <james_beadle_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 17:04:56 -0800

Hello to you Dave. My my you are active on this post. I'd love to take you
up on your challenge. I have all that geohex and terrain going to waste in
my basement. I haven't had anyone take me up on my 40k armies yet, but then
again I haven't pushed them very hard. The stuff I need is all the valuable
hard to get items. Ah well. :) I have enough minis to build a nearly
infinate ammount of different armies. I'd like to set up my paint shop again
however at the moment space prevents me from doing so.
My friend Jason lives not to far away from you and would be very interested
in getting a game on. If you are interested I will get the two of you in


(He dosen't have any minis besides some infantry I gave him.)
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