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The Draka are from a series of novels by SM Stirling detailing an alternate
universe. Hard to boil down into a paragraph summary. Pretty much they in
WWII (the Eurasian War) and have a long cold war with the Alliance (US and
everyone else) until late 20th century when they have the Final War and nuke
the everliving crap out the planet. The Draka win and the Alliance sends a
ship to colonize the nearest star. The last book the Draka discover
moleholes (wormholes) and accidently send one of them to our world.

They are all genetically engineered superhumans that make the Eldar look
like snotlings. The Samarkadians (the colonists from the Alliance) are all
cybered up. Sort of a flesh vs metal thing.

Good books, check them out.
Marching Through Georgia
Under the Yoke
Stone Dogs

PS: The Dr Who robot trashcans were the Darlaks.

> Greetings Idea Rat,
> What are the Draka? Are they those Dr Who robot guys?
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> warprat
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