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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 23:11:01 PST

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>Subject: [NetEpic ML] Hard and soft attacks
>Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 10:19:50 +0000
>In the 1st edition of epic all units had a hard and soft attack, meaning
>attack for infantry targets and one ofr armored targets. Tacticals in
>has a small melta weapon. It had ow range but at least it could effect
>a distance.
>This has been abstracted in the current epic systems. As i recall this
>was not overly cumbersome. Actually what I would do is only permit to fire
>type of attack or the other, this leaves the game basically the way it is,
>only "extra" step added is to decide wether the attack is hard or soft.
>limiatation is for infantry vehicles get to fire both types in a turn.
>Some more to think about.

Yeah, perhaps. Each infantry unit get a basic weapon attack and a special or
heavy weapon attack.

Tanks keep their one attack per weapon system.

ANyway, I will count up the votes today and present you the results.

Then we can start discussing the first topic for real: The infantry armour

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