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>Thanks Tzeentch!
>I noticed the Darloks for Epic on a link somewhere, but I don't
>remember where. Call me crazy, but I always liked Dr. Who, especially
>with Kenny Baker (was that his name?). The Darloks were
>pretty kooky, but they kind of appealed to my strange sense of humor.
>The special effects were to say the least, terrible, but if you used
>your imagination, the stories were pretty good.

That would be the Daleks and the Doctor you mentioned is TOM Baker. The
best of the Doctors. And the page would be mine, which has not been
updated in over a year due to a restriction of my Internet access to mostly
email and some work-related purposes. As a result, no updates in a long
time. people who are interested in the Dalek list can find it at:


and follow the links from there. (If the above URL doesn't work, then swap
around Area51 and Nebula, I always get them mixed up.)

I hope to get personal Web access from home in the near future so a newer
version of all my pages will be available when that happens. Watch this space!

>The books you mentioned sound interesting. I remember when the Ogre
>games were first published, in those cheap ziplock bags. I bought
>a couple sets, and really liked them. I've read some of the Bolo
>series, and they seemed a lot like Ogres. I liked Hammers Slammers
>as well, but of course no super tanks in those novels.

Whaddaya mean no super tanks? The Slammer's tanks are pretty super all on
their lonesome!


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