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>Hi there!
>I�ve been watching the discussion here for quite some time and now I
>simply have some things to discuss ...


>I first was nearly "smashed" by the mass of rules of netepic. I read the
>core rules and my own armylists and really liked the "new" detail of the
>tyranid army.

Part of the reason for the current discussion for the revision into NetEpic
4.0. Some things need refining and revising.

>But there are several things i am not sure about :
>(1) Regenerating :
>Regenarating does only apply in the round the wound was actually taken
>so if it was not regenerated the wound would become parmanent, right?

The way I have always played Wounds is that they are only permanent if the
titan dies. To clarify:

Your Titan can take up to 6 wounds (for example). In the first round it
takes 4 and you regen 3 so that the Titan has 5 wounds left at the end of
round 1. Round 2 and the titan takes another 4 wounds. You can STILL roll
to try and regen the wound carried over from round 1 as the titan is still
alive. You roll and regen all 5 wounds giving you a full 6 at the end of
round 2. Round 3 and your titan suffers a staggering 10 wounds and falls
over dead. At the end of round 3 you roll to regen the damage but only
regerate 3 out of the 10. That leaves 7 wounds still on the titan, leaving
it dead and bleeding. The wounds are now permanent as the titan is dead
and can no longer regenerate them. Take the thing off the board.

Whew! I hope that makes it clear.

>But if they become permanent, then regenerating isn�t that powerful ...
>what chances actually has a heirophant in single combat lets say against
>an warlord titan ?
>What about hive mind cards, for example Regenerate : Wouldn�t it be
>possible to regenerate a Heirophant every round ( by redrawing that
>card) no matter how many wounds he suffered ?

Yes. I remember a game we played where we caused 26 wounds to a Hierophant
and the Tyranid player simply smiled and played regenerate on it (he
regretted it next turn as we splashed his Dominatrix and he couldn't bring
her back). BUT I would not allow a player to regerate a deads titan that
had been killed on a previous turn.

>(2) Are there any others here playing *bugs* ? If yes, tell me about
>your tactics against imperial guard or space marines ... do you think
>tyranids are balanced in netepic ? (As I�ve seen weapons like the vortex
>missile or warp missile remain !)
>=> it shouild be possible to nullify the warp or vortex missile by using
>the psyching save .... ??

Yes. You get your psychic save against these weapons.

>(3) targetting / shooting at titans ...
>I still haven�t understood that yet ... Lets say an unshielded
>WarlordTitan is hit - how do I figure out the hit location ? May the one
>who shoots select, where to shoot at, and then it scatters or what ? If
>you think there are any other unclear things about that - tell me now

The person who shoots selects the location they want to hit. If they hit,
they roll the scatter dice to see if the shot scatters off the target. Simple.

(I prefer the alternate rules where you select tyour location and roll to
hit. If you hit, then that is the location you hit. If you miss, roll the
scatter dice to see where your shot went. Better in my opinion.)

>(4) How does scattering for indirect barrages work ? => how are the
>scatter dice used here ?

Select where you want to drop the barrage. Roll the scatter dice and 2D6.
If the scatter dice comes up with a "HIT" then the shot is on target. If
the dice comes up and arrow, then shot scatter in the direction of the
arrow the distance shown on the 2D6 in cm.

>(5) Alternating between the players in the phases ...

Exactly what it says. Each player moves a piece or fires with a unit
alternatively to the other player. One player picks a unit and fires, then
the other player picks a unit and fires. This keeps going until the
players run out of things to fire or move with.

>Unfortunately we did not have a Netepic battle yet because we did not
>want to start with unclear rules ...
>Anyhow if there are any players from Berlin here ... mail me !
>So that�s all for today ... but I�ll be back soon =) !

Have fun and stay cool.


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