[NetEpic ML] Netepic, epic40k and Tyranids

From: Felix Hermann <felix.hermann_at_...>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 21:16:24 +0000

Hi there!
I�ve been watching the discussion here for quite some time and now I
simply have some things to discuss ...

I�m a newbie to netepic and I�ve never played the old epicstuff or
wh40k. I played epic40k for a year and our local group (in Berlin)
stopped playing. This had several reasons. First of all the rules of the
"new" epic40k. I am a passionate Tyranidplayer and I simply have to say
that the undetailed way of treating the armies in epic40k made me become
frustrated. Especially the fact that the armies are simply unbalanced.
The things I hated most were the fact that "human" players could use
imperial guard and space marines as one, which I think is far too
powerful. And secondly the orks are much too weak. And my own Tyranid
army could only be used in a limited way. Why use Heirodules or
Heirophants when they are reduced to ashes by a simple 50 points vortex
missile ??? That really sucked ... and the heavy weapons like antitank
were much too powerful. The Landraider was ultimately cheap and had 2
antitankshoots ...
Well you all certainly know what I am complaining about. GW should not
wonder too much when nobody is actually interested in new epic40k ... .
So I was really pleased to see that there are others who think in the
same way about epic40k when visiting the Epicentre on the web.

I first was nearly "smashed" by the mass of rules of netepic. I read the
core rules and my own armylists and really liked the "new" detail of the
tyranid army.

But there are several things i am not sure about :

(1) Regenerating :
Regenarating does only apply in the round the wound was actually taken
so if it was not regenerated the wound would become parmanent, right?

But if they become permanent, then regenerating isn�t that powerful ...
what chances actually has a heirophant in single combat lets say against
an warlord titan ?

What about hive mind cards, for example Regenerate : Wouldn�t it be
possible to regenerate a Heirophant every round ( by redrawing that
card) no matter how many wounds he suffered ?

(2) Are there any others here playing *bugs* ? If yes, tell me about
your tactics against imperial guard or space marines ... do you think
tyranids are balanced in netepic ? (As I�ve seen weapons like the vortex
missile or warp missile remain !)
=> it shouild be possible to nullify the warp or vortex missile by using
the psyching save .... ??
(3) targetting / shooting at titans ...
I still haven�t understood that yet ... Lets say an unshielded
WarlordTitan is hit - how do I figure out the hit location ? May the one
who shoots select, where to shoot at, and then it scatters or what ? If
you think there are any other unclear things about that - tell me now

(4) How does scattering for indirect barrages work ? => how are the
scatter dice used here ?

(5) Alternating between the players in the phases ...

Unfortunately we did not have a Netepic battle yet because we did not
want to start with unclear rules ...

Anyhow if there are any players from Berlin here ... mail me !

So that�s all for today ... but I�ll be back soon =) !
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