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From: Thomas Lawson <kurmark_at_...>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 14:52:24 -0600

> The Warlord got off the first shot with a warp missle. He fired towards
> my middle Boss Gargant, hoping to kill a Gargant and disrupt the chain
> of command. The missle was aimed at the Boiller, but instead hit the
> Gut Buster. The Gut Buster blew, and caused a chain reaction in the
> boiler. Lucky for me, it only started one fire, it could have started
> three, which would have eventually killed the Gargant as the fires went
> out of control.

Hehe, Warp Missiles are only useful against Eldar and Imperial Titans. Only
Vortex Missiles are of any use against a Great Gargant, but then again, what
aren't they good against?

> I responded, by firing the the Gut Buster of my left Gargant. I lucked
> out, and hit his Warlord with out scattering. All the shields went down.
> The left leg was crippled. No more running or skipping for that guy.
> Two of the other weapons scored a hit, but bounced off the armor.

See this is where I always got irked. The best weapon an Imperial tian can
field will only kill a Great Gargant if it gets very very lucky and even
then it will still have many Power Fields to go through before you could
finish it off if it was merely damaged.

Great Gargants have the Gut Buster which is not only great aginst infantry
but it is also the best anti-titan weapon in the game. It is easily better
than the Squat Cyclops main gun. If it hits it is assured of knocking down
all shields and will practically auto-penetrate the leg armor, which on an
Imperial or Eldar titan means death since the Void Shields are gone or on
the Eldar due to lack of motion the Holo-fields won't be useful.

It always seemed to me that the Gargants should be tougher than their
counterpart titans, but that Imperial and Eldar Titans should have better

> My right Snapper Gargant fired it's two Ripper Arms and scored a reactor
> hit. In the end phase, The Warlord repaired the reactor, and brought 3
> shields back up. The Great Gargant put out the fire.

That's why I only field Reavers, no forward facing reactors.

> The battle above, illustrates the excitment of playing with titans.
> Do thsese mighty beasts have thier limits? Sure they do. But I think
> they have plenty of toughness. Most of the battles I've played, titans
> have done pretty well. Sometimes they go up with a lucky hit, but most
> times, they endure heavy punishnent before dying.

Maybe my luck with titans just blows, but in the 20 odd games that my Titans
have actually seen action in not a single game did they take that kind of
punishment. Usually they folded after 3 penetrating hits.

> I would agree, however, that whoever designed the Warlord, picked a
> terrible place to put the reactor! ;-0

I will second that motion.
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