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> >The alternate titan rules in Incoming! address most of these points
> >redresses the balance making warlords more powerful and gargants
less so.
> >Regardless of what we do however we must change the current system
in some
> >major
> >aspects. mainly in resilence of titans and how well they repair and
> >also
> >weapons HAVE TO be re-evaluted to make them all useful and priced
> >accordingly.
> I only have one grudge about titan guns...why is the AA gun so
> poor???? Why dot they just screw a hydra to the titans arm???? Their
AA gun
> SUCK!!!! Arhghghghggggggg

I'm new to this game and especially to this board. What is Incoming!?
How does it make gargants less destructive and titans more so? Are you
trying to tell me titans are SUPPOSED to be destructive. All this time
I thought they were meant to draw the fire of the gargants and
super-heavies so your grunts could get the real work done. If I ever
took something out with one that's just icing on the cake.

That was only partially sarcastic. I'm really just agreeing that we
need to look at titan weaponry. I really like Warprat Dave's example of
how a titan can really hang on. They're tough enough I think. It's just
a matter of Industrial vs. Technological. The gargant is basic and
overbuilt to compensate for the orks lack of engineering skill "Hmmmm,
thats the third one this week. Me thinks we need more metal on the
boiler." The titan gets things done with technology and finesse.
There's a lot more things to go wrong and they're harder to fix when
they do. You can rebuild a Bug in a weekend. It takes about that long
to get to the plugs on my wife's Blazer.

The gargant is the Bug. The warlord is the Blazer. They do the same
thing. They just go about it in different ways. I'd like to see how
many Blazers are on the road 25 years. I'd bet we see more 50 year old
VWs than 25 year old Chevys. IMO it's sad but true.


disclaimer- The above is in no way an advertisement for Volkswagon. ;)
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