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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 16:26:48 +0000


Warprat wrote:

> I've been reading the previous repsonses to this issue and have a
> few things to say, as usual. :)
> First off, I used to play Epic years ago when, I would agree, titans
> were easily destoyed by a handfull of chaos infantry. Those chaos
> cards can really add up! But I think the anti-infantry defense system
> and ramming for vehiches has completly wiped out the close combat short
> commings of the titans. Titans are now the awsome beasts they should
> be, when fighting up close. I really think the Founders of Net Epic
> should be thanked for making these much needed changes.

Its no secret I love titans after all I own over 100 of them. I was really
disappointed with space marine because in AT titans were really tough and I
always missed that. To have a handful of infantry destroy it is not only
lame but very fustrating, these are after all the most powerful ground units
available. I'm glad you liked the change.

> For the last month, I've been playing Net Epic, and using the Net Epic
> rules. For the most part, I really LOVE them. They retain the
> brilliance and ballance of the Games Workshops 2nd edition rules, while
> addressing most of the short commings. I've played many, many games
> over the past years. When I had a chance to game again, I chose Net
> Epic! I guess I'm "New Blood" with a little bit of "Old".

Welcome aboard. We always wanted to preserve the origianl rules in feel and
play, while changing all the annoying aspects/ Of course there are still
more things to fix but no doubt with everyones input we will do this.

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