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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 16:46:04 +0000


This is not bad at all, still lethal but not overly so. Very nice.


Kelvin wrote:

> >Great Gargants have the Gut Buster which is not only great aginst infantry
> >but it is also the best anti-titan weapon in the game. It is easily better
> >than the Squat Cyclops main gun. If it hits it is assured of knocking down
> >all shields and will practically auto-penetrate the leg armor, which on an
> >Imperial or Eldar titan means death since the Void Shields are gone or on
> >the Eldar due to lack of motion the Holo-fields won't be useful.
> Which is why at our local club we introduced a house rule for dealing with
> the Ball round. It only knocks Void/Power Fields down if it loses 1cm for
> each field of its rolling distance. Thus, if the Ork player rolls low for
> the roll, it may not get through all the shields (but usually does). If it
> does knock down all the shields, then it won't travel as far.
> I have a proposal for changing the way the Ball round works which kind of
> incorporates the rules from AT and from 2nd Ed Epic:
> When a Gut Buster Kannon fires a Ball round, the Ork player nominates a
> landing point for the shot and rolls for scatter as for an indirect
> barrage. Once the true landing point is determined, the Ork player rolls a
> further 3D6 to see how far the ball rolls and moves the ball template the
> number indicated on the 3D6 in cm in a straight line away from the Gargant.
> If the template touches any solid object (such as a building, tank,
> fortification, Praetorian or Titan) roll a D6 (starting with the first
> target touched, naturally). On a 1 the ball simply bounces off the target
> and keeps travelling while the target makes an unmodified save (to
> represent the dangers of being hit by a large, rolling object). On a roll
> of 2+, the Ball detonates. Replace the ball template with a standard
> barrage template. Any target caught under the new template will be hit on
> a 3+ with a -2 save modifier. Infantry will not detonate the ball but will
> get their unmodified save to represent them getting out of the way. A Ball
> that rolls into a forest, swamp or other soft cover will detonate on a 4+.
> Ball rounds will travel through active Void Shields and Power Fields
> unhindered without knocking them down (it travels too slowly to affect
> them). A Ball that detonates on a Titan or Praetorian INSIDE its active
> shields can cause some serious trouble as the shields will contain the
> blast. When a Ball detonates inside a Titan/Praetorian's Shields, don't
> replace the Ball template as the Titan will be the only target affected.
> The Titan/Praetorian will be automatically hit D6 (D3?) times with the hit
> locations determined randomly. Locations get their saves at -2.
> Unshielded Titans are affects as per the normal rules (i.e.- place barrage
> template, hit on a 3+ with -2 save).
> A little complex sounding, but really quite simple in application. How's
> that sound to everyone?
> -Kelvin....
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