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Yeah you could seriously munch a Chaos Titan :) But that was before point
values...though I've made Chaos Warlords that were insanely scarey in close
combat (think close combat tail, close combat head, chainsword and whip!!)

Banelords also follow special rules since they are daemon engines. This si
pretty gay since the other Powers don't get anything like it, though Scott
Shupe has the Tzeentch equivalent that appeared a Citadel Journal: its
ULTRAMUNCH though. And as the biggest Tzeentch fanboy on this list I assure
you that's quite a statement coming from me!

Check out Scott's site at http://home.earthlink.net/~sshupe/EPIC/SMTL/ it
rocks :)


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look like Sanka."
          -Dennis Miller

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> In Epic Titan Legions you could equip your Chaos Titans with 2 should
> mounted weapons, 2 in the arms, special tail weapon, special head weapon.
> The Banelord's weapons are fixed if I remember correctly. Each arm had a
> weapon, the head and tail each had special weapons, the shoulders were
> occupied by a Havoc Missle Launcher (this took up both shoulder slots).
> This is from memory.......
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> > Hi,
> >
> > can a banelord titan class be armed with imperial weaponery? In the
> > list is stated that chaos titan can purchase imperial weapons, and that
> > banelord is a mutated warlord, so I think yes, but I'm not sure.
> > Also how many carapace weapons can I fit on it, one as the template
> or
> > two as a warlord? I think that as the tamplate belong to the old rules
> > reproduce the havoc missile that occupy two carapace mounts, but also in
> > this case I'm not sure.
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Stefano
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