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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 22:26:20 -0800

Frankly, I don't understand what all the Hub-bub is about.

The Gut Buster can only fire every other round, (of course the first
round is the most deadly). Gargants must choose at the start of the
turn which type of ammo is to be used. I choose the type of ammo to be
loaded, before the game is setup, when I pick my units, not after I have
learned what my opponent has taken, and where everything is positioned.

The Ball round scatters, approx 1/3 chance of a hit. Then there is the
amount of roll, (which usually is no problem). The weapon is GREAT, if
it hits, but it's hardly reliable. And once it's fired, the enemy KNOWS
you won't be able to use it the turn it reloads. Also, because the ball
is not a barrage template, Eldar holo fields are effective against it.

Gargants have flickering shields and the armor saves are not so great,
so every little shot fired at them has a real chance of doing real
damage, and staring a fire. Infantry weapons have a good chance against

Of course Gargants are tough, and it takes three fires to ensure

Warlords, on the other hand, have shields that work against the vast
majority of weapons. The shields can regenerate. Warlords can carry
a wide varity of weapons. Among these are Warp Missles and Vortex
Missles. Both of these one shot gambles, can get lucky and do some
pretty horrific damage about 1/3 of the time (scatter).

Of course there is the trade off, a vortex missle costs 150pts. If you
multiply that cost by three, (For 1 to 1 odds) the cost to hit an
enemy titan with 1d6 hits, and all shields reduced (Gargants beware), is
450pts, plus the lost firing opporunity of three, now empty, weapon
mounts. The Warlords (because it would take two), would both need to be
on First Fire and both have line of sight to the same target. And of
course, both would have had to survive any previous enemy fire.

Eldar titans are also super neat. Holo fields are awsome, as long as
the titan can keep moving, and avoid the barrage templates Thier
weapons are perhaps the most powerfull in the game. This is ballanced
by the smaller number of weapons they can carry. I absolutly LOVE to
play with Eldar Titans!

I have never played with Chaos titans, but if they are as well ballanced
as the other titans, I'm sure they're not a bad pick. Weapons costs may
need to be adjusted, but overall, these Gigantic Machines of Destuction
seem to be extreamly well ballanced to me.

What's the BIG deal?


Kelvin wrote:
> >Great Gargants have the Gut Buster which is not only great aginst infantry
> >but it is also the best anti-titan weapon in the game. It is easily better
> >than the Squat Cyclops main gun. If it hits it is assured of knocking down
> >all shields and will practically auto-penetrate the leg armor, which on an
> >Imperial or Eldar titan means death since the Void Shields are gone or on
> >the Eldar due to lack of motion the Holo-fields won't be useful.
> Which is why at our local club we introduced a house rule for dealing with
> the Ball round. It only knocks Void/Power Fields down if it loses 1cm for
> each field of its rolling distance. Thus, if the Ork player rolls low for
> the roll, it may not get through all the shields (but usually does). If it
> does knock down all the shields, then it won't travel as far.
> I have a proposal for changing the way the Ball round works which kind of
> incorporates the rules from AT and from 2nd Ed Epic:
> When a Gut Buster Kannon fires a Ball round, the Ork player nominates a
> landing point for the shot and rolls for scatter as for an indirect
> barrage. Once the true landing point is determined, the Ork player rolls a
> further 3D6 to see how far the ball rolls and moves the ball template the
> number indicated on the 3D6 in cm in a straight line away from the Gargant.
> If the template touches any solid object (such as a building, tank,
> fortification, Praetorian or Titan) roll a D6 (starting with the first
> target touched, naturally). On a 1 the ball simply bounces off the target
> and keeps travelling while the target makes an unmodified save (to
> represent the dangers of being hit by a large, rolling object). On a roll
> of 2+, the Ball detonates. Replace the ball template with a standard
> barrage template. Any target caught under the new template will be hit on
> a 3+ with a -2 save modifier. Infantry will not detonate the ball but will
> get their unmodified save to represent them getting out of the way. A Ball
> that rolls into a forest, swamp or other soft cover will detonate on a 4+.
> Ball rounds will travel through active Void Shields and Power Fields
> unhindered without knocking them down (it travels too slowly to affect
> them). A Ball that detonates on a Titan or Praetorian INSIDE its active
> shields can cause some serious trouble as the shields will contain the
> blast. When a Ball detonates inside a Titan/Praetorian's Shields, don't
> replace the Ball template as the Titan will be the only target affected.
> The Titan/Praetorian will be automatically hit D6 (D3?) times with the hit
> locations determined randomly. Locations get their saves at -2.
> Unshielded Titans are affects as per the normal rules (i.e.- place barrage
> template, hit on a 3+ with -2 save).
> A little complex sounding, but really quite simple in application. How's
> that sound to everyone?
> -Kelvin....
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