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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 09:59:05 +0100

Brian Evans wrote:
> Hmmm..... I wonder what my eldar opponets were doing wrong? Most of the
> time the Eldar would make a good showing but they never won. They always
> seemed to come up just a little short. Most of their super weapons were
> rather unreliable (Warp Cannon thing). They had some good infantry in their
> specialty troops, but they were always limited in numbers. Their guardians
> were probably one of the worst buys in the game. Their Titans were extremly
> vulnerable to template weapons, Squats and Imperial Guard just destroyed
> them with Heavy Artillery barrages.
> The only unit that I thought was an above average buy were the Falcon grav
> tanks. They hit almost all the time and had a -2 save. This really allowed
> them to take out tanks and even hurt Titans.
> What tactics did your Eldar opponent use that you had trouble with?

You are right, 'eldars are not for all', it's really difficult to do
good things with an army list like that, you need to be an experienced
player and a really good strategic one, if you think to grab some minis
and play (and win) eh eh just prepare yourself for a great carnage, but
if you play well your cards ... beware of a good eldar player :o) at
least in Epic.

Lorenzo Canapicchi
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