[NetEpic ML] Re: R: Battle

From: Bernasconi Davide <Bernasconi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 14:44:40 +0100

> > and you're right about the other
> > cards. But nothing dominates a table and makes the game
> LOOK so goddamn
> > sexy as titans!
> Yah but sexy titans not always give you the victory :o))))
> Usually I never field titans, too expensive.

My 0.02$ on this "discussion":

I like to have nothing that can unbalance the game (apart than imperator),
for sure titans are a bit too expensive but I don't want to play to
herohammer (heroepic, heronetepic...). :-)

BTW, I saw another italian writing in these days (Andrea Pieretti) ..... are
there more italian guys than american ones :-))))))))

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