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From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:22:45 +1100

>Yep. And I have never managed to destroy or even seriously damage a gargant
>with one. However, once I got lucky with a single devastator stand. I hit a
>slasha gargant, the missile went through shields and hit hull. I rolled a 6.
>Then he proceeded to roll a 6 on fire table at the end phase. In the next
>end phase he rolled another 6 and then 4, which detonated magazine. then he
>promptly rolled 6 again (+ 3 fires), then another 6 (weapon mount blew off,
>+1 fire) so he had a total of 6 fires burning and had to roll on the fire
>table with a +5 modifier. Guess what happened?

Heh. Not as embarassing as losing all three of my Great Gargants in the
first turn of the game, losing one of them in the movement phase! To

Three Great Gargants and a Mega-waste-of-time (read- Mega-Gargant) facing
off against an Imperator and three Reavers (two with Warp Missiles). First
Movement phase an the Imperator Snap-shoots one of the Gargants (one was on
advance, the others on first fire) with its Defense Laser. Hit. Roll for
field flicker. Shot through. Opponent picks a Magazine to hit. Shot
doesn't scatter. Roll damage. Ammo destroyed, D6 fires, roll for attached
Weapon mount then roll for any fires started immediately. Roll for weapon
mount. Roll for both weapons result. Roll for both weapons. Both explode
and start a fire each. Go back to weapon mount and roll for fires. 6 more
fires giving 8 total. Roll for fires immediately. BOOM!

First Fire phase and the Imperials win initiative. First shot is a Warp
Missile (plus other sundry weapons) at the Boss Gargant. Shot hits the
ammo and refuses to scatter. repeat performance of Defense Laser shot.
Remaining Gargant fires Ball round and other sundry weapons. All that
firepower results in the loss of a single Land Raider and a shield on the
closest Reaver. Imperial's Second shot is the other Warp Missile (plus
other sundry weapons) at the last Great Gargant. Again, the shot refuses
to scatter and another repeat performance of the Defense Laser shot. Three
Great Gargants in less than 1 turn! CRAP!

I went on to the win the battle by the barest of margins. The Weirdboys
and Shokk Attak Gunz made account of the Reavers while the battery of
Braincrushaz, Spleenrippaz, Skullhammaz and the Bad Moonz took care of the
Imperator (yes, I killed it). The Mega-waste-of-time suprisingly lasted
the entire battle with only 2 fires burning on it in the end. The only
time when I enjoyed playing with one on the table.

Fun battle that was. Very close.


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