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That sounds like Peters system.


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> At 12:28 PM 12/9/99 +0100, you wrote:
> >Wilding K wrote:
> >>
> >> I think titans are very well balanced. Without shield Imperial titans
> >> are suddenly fragile. Eldar titans are vulnerable to barrages (perhaps
> >> too vulnerable)
> >
> >Yes maybe give them better armor will be a good thing, but anyway Eldars
> >have better cards to play than titans
> I've been thinking on this and while I agree that they shouldn't be
> all-powerful, I do think that Titans (especially the Imperial ones) are
> still a bit too fragile once the shields go down. Now while one remedy is
> to increase the saves or to allow them to save on 2D6 (but then what to do
> about the Imperator?), I have an alternative suggestion: Ablative armour
> points.
> Each hit location on a Titan could have its Save value and an Armour
> (eg- a Warlord Titan could have a Save of 2+ and an Armour rating of 3 on
> its Front Reactor location). When a Titan is hit in a location, roll for
> the save as normal. If the save is failed, then that location loses one
> point of Armour Rating. If there are no Armour Rating points left, then
> the cumulative fire has penetrated to the interior and the damage is then
> rolled for on the damage table as per the old rules. Some weapons
> anti-Titan weapons can be exceptions that either inflict more than one
> damage point to the Armour Rating (like Volcano cannons) or simply bypass
> it altogether and damage the location directly (like the Warp Missile or
> Vortex Missile).
> This system has the benefit of not having to change much we currently use
> for Titans except for adding the Armour Ratings and making minor
> adjustments to some weapons. Book keeping can be kept to a minimum by
> simply having the Armour Ratings listed on the Templates inside the
> location boxes with the Save values (perhaps have the ratings as little
> boxes that can be crossed out as the damage accumulates). We can give
> protection to locations that have been seen as too vulnerable in the past
> without making them too protected and still leave other areas more
> vulnerable. Plus it will increase the survivability of Titans without
> making them too powerful (I think).
> How's that sound to everyone?
> -Kelvin....
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