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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:50:16 +1100

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>Wilding K wrote:
>> I think titans are very well balanced. Without shield Imperial titans
>> are suddenly fragile. Eldar titans are vulnerable to barrages (perhaps
>> too vulnerable)
>Yes maybe give them better armor will be a good thing, but anyway Eldars
>have better cards to play than titans

I've been thinking on this and while I agree that they shouldn't be
all-powerful, I do think that Titans (especially the Imperial ones) are
still a bit too fragile once the shields go down. Now while one remedy is
to increase the saves or to allow them to save on 2D6 (but then what to do
about the Imperator?), I have an alternative suggestion: Ablative armour

Each hit location on a Titan could have its Save value and an Armour Rating
(eg- a Warlord Titan could have a Save of 2+ and an Armour rating of 3 on
its Front Reactor location). When a Titan is hit in a location, roll for
the save as normal. If the save is failed, then that location loses one
point of Armour Rating. If there are no Armour Rating points left, then
the cumulative fire has penetrated to the interior and the damage is then
rolled for on the damage table as per the old rules. Some weapons
anti-Titan weapons can be exceptions that either inflict more than one
damage point to the Armour Rating (like Volcano cannons) or simply bypass
it altogether and damage the location directly (like the Warp Missile or
Vortex Missile).

This system has the benefit of not having to change much we currently use
for Titans except for adding the Armour Ratings and making minor
adjustments to some weapons. Book keeping can be kept to a minimum by
simply having the Armour Ratings listed on the Templates inside the
location boxes with the Save values (perhaps have the ratings as little
boxes that can be crossed out as the damage accumulates). We can give more
protection to locations that have been seen as too vulnerable in the past
without making them too protected and still leave other areas more
vulnerable. Plus it will increase the survivability of Titans without
making them too powerful (I think).

How's that sound to everyone?


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