[NetEpic ML] Epic Rules

From: Robert Heitkamp <robert_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 11:26:05 -0700

Recently I have been collecting the original Epic rules. I currently have:

Adeptus Titanicus (from Tzeentchnet pdf version)
Space Marine 1st Edition (from Tzeentchnet pdf version)
Codex Titanicus (from Tzeentchet pdf version)

Space Marine 2nd Edition (original rules)
Armies of the Imperium (original rules)
Renegades (original rules)
Warlords (original rules)
Space Marine Battles (original rules)

Titan Legions (original rules)
Titan Legions - Codex Titanicus (original rules)

Now here are my questions:

I know about the 2 Space Marine editions, but how does Titan Legions really fit

Is it meant to completely replace the 2nd Edition Space
Marine/Renegades/Warlords/Armies of the Imperium rules?

If so, it would seem that it was the 3rd Edition rules and the new Epic 40,000
is really the 4th Edition rules.

If not, is it (Titan Legions) meant to work with the 2nd Edition Space Marine
rules, and if so, how?
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