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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 21:28:00 +0100

On 10 Dec 99, at 11:26, Robert Heitkamp wrote:

> If not, is it (Titan Legions) meant to work with the 2nd Edition Space
> Marine rules, and if so, how?

Yep. Titan Legions was a moderate overhaul of the Space Marine
rules, with the re-introduction of Titans and Knights on a grand

The original game which started it all was Adeptus Titanicus, which
originally comprised only loyal versus chaos warlords titans. Space
marine 1st edition added infantry and vehicles to the picture, with
Codex Titanicus expanding the game and detailing various other
races (Eldar, Orks).

With the release of Space Marine 2nd, the emphasis was put on
troops. The many supplements described (in far greater detail than
before) the armies of the various races, adding dozens of new units.
Titan Legions was meant to reintroduce the Titans as the rulers of
the battlefields.
The basic rules were the same as Space Marine 2nd edition, with a
couple of adjustements. As it was, the GW designers, perhaps
caught by a sudden stroke of common sense, avoided the all-too-
common gw rules pitfall of turning the lumbering giants into
monstruos, unstoppable, battle-winning war machines, and instead
gave us a good, funny expansion, which introduced one of my
favourite units: the Imperator Titan, which, while hardly worth its
point cost (and impossible to field in anything but a major battle),
it's still a lot of fun to use.

Luca Lettieri
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