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From: Luca Lettieri <l.lettieri_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 21:53:29 +0100

On 10 Dec 99, at 13:38, Robert Heitkamp wrote:

> Ok, so do you even need the 2nd Edition Space Marines rules and its
> supplements to play?

If you want to play with Titans ONLY, no. Otherwise, yes, because
Titan Legions does not include all the units released in the various
supplements, but only a small portion.
> Or should I be using the 2nd Edition Space Marine rules as the basis
> and suplement them with the Titan Legion Rules?

That's the idea: Titan legions gives you the (slightly updated) basic
rules plus the titans and knights; the supplements cover all the
units of the various races.

I should also add that many new units were subsequently added in
some issues of White Dwarf and Citadel Journal, along with their
specific rules. Some of them are rather fundamental, like almost all
of the flyers. To make a long story short, spare yourself many
headaches and just use Netepic rules, which are better,
comprehensive, and free.

Luca Lettieri
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