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I'm interested! I'm a huge fanboy of Adeptus Titanicus (though not of
Advanced "Roll a Bazillion Dice with a Bazillion Modifiers" Squad Leader)


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> Luca Lettieri wrote:
> > I should also add that many new units were subsequently added in
> > some issues of White Dwarf and Citadel Journal, along with their
> > specific rules. Some of them are rather fundamental, like almost all
> > of the flyers. To make a long story short, spare yourself many
> > headaches and just use Netepic rules, which are better,
> > comprehensive, and free.
> I've actually got all the White Dwarf articles and supplements, although I
> do agree that NetEpic is much better organized. I bought all the old 2nd
> edition rules for background material and reference.
> After playing NetEpic, I'm not completely happy with the rules. Nor am I
> happy with the 2nd edition rules. There are several features of the 1st
> Edition Rules I really like, such as the separate to hit / damage rules
> infantry and vehicles.
> The biggest let-down with the 2nd Edition Rules (and NetEpic) is how short
> the games are. I can't see how you can play a game that will only last 2-3
> turns and expect to really get much of a strategic experience out of it.
> seems that the entire game is based on the initial deployment and a few
> rolls. Don't flame me for this as I don't want to start an argument about
> the faults of any particular system. We each want something different out
> the rules and what works for one person doesn't work for another.
> I'm in the process of writing up a modified set of rules (as is everyone
> seems) that will incorporate the best of the 1st and 2nd edition rules as
> well as NetEpic. I was originally basing my rules on Advanced Squad Leader
> (Avalon Hill), but decided I really don't have the time to convert all the
> Epic units to the ASL system, so I'm just making minor changes to the
> Marine rules instead. I just needed some information on how to organize
> rules I have, and I appreciate the feedback you have given me.
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