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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 16:00:10 -0600


> Hello Group!
> I have a question for Peter or any of the other officers of this group.
> How will new rules be ratified by Netepic? Simple majority,
> 2/3 majority, unanimous (fat chance)?
In the past it has been, actually by near unanimity. Of course given the
current size of this list thats not practical. I think a 2/3 majority is
conclusive enough to warrant passing a rule changes in this revision.

> Which rules will be voted on, only those proposed by Weasel, or can
> anybody suggest rules to vote on?
Weasel has been kind enough to start what I should have done to lack of
time, but this forum is open to all and anyone may throw something out ot
vote upon.

I will suggest to keep individual unit voting to a minimum for now and to
concentrate on major core rule changes. We will go through the army lists
one by one and that will give everyone a chance to give their input.

> My preferance would be an initial period, where anyone could suggest a
> favorite change, followed by period of input, then a pre-vote.
> After the pre-vote, exact verbage could be hammered out, perhaps with
> more voting for various variations on a rule. Then, the final vote.
> My preferance would be for the 2/3 vote ratification.
This seems pefectly aggreable and acceptable, we should carry this out.

> I hope I'm not being an idiot in writing this, but I like to be honest,
> even at the risk of looking stupid.
Hehe, heck no, here you get that idea?! What you have mentioned is clear and
very cihesive, a great way to continue what Weasel started.

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