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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:16:42 -0700

Luca Lettieri wrote:

> The second factor is scale-playability. While scale has never been
> really defined in the Epic series (something which will hopefully be
> corrected in NetEpic 4), it's rather clear that we're speaking about
> massive battles - you don't use 6mm for a squad-level game.
> Introducing too many variables will rapidly turn the game into an
> unplayable monstruosity. I cannot really comment your idea about
> adapting SM units to ASL as I don't know the latter, but on first
> impression it strikes me as impossible: ASL operates on a
> completely different scale. In Epic, you don't care what is equipped
> with the 123th soldier of the 3rd detachment of the 2nd company of
> the IG army -- what difference is bound to make in the "grand
> scheme of things" anyway?

Just a quick note here about ASL and scale:

ASL supports (very well) the use of 6mm, 1/285th scale vehicles. ASL does
not deal with the individual equipment of your sqauds/men either. The only
individual pieces of equipment that are of concern are (usually) a single
support weapon (machine gun/bazooka/etc.) that a squad may carry. I
converted the infantry rules of ASL to use Epic/Warhammer 40,000 units, and
found it worked very smoothly and quickly. In ASL one counter represents
either 1 squad or 1 vehicle, just like Epic. In fact, the units in SM are a
bit more detailed than in ASL. ASL represents each squad with a firepower,
range and morale (leadership). There is no mention of individual equipement.
I found that the ASL rules worked very well (in playtesting) with the SM
scale and models. ASL games play very quickly (just a few hours).

I have found that most comments about ASL have to do with the immense size
of the rulebook. The rules are not overly complex, but rather are written in
such a manner as to remove all ambiguities and rules questions. Every set of
rules written by Games Workshop have many loopholes and ambiguities, hence
the d6 rule to resolve conflicts and pages of Q&A to resolve conflicts. The
ASL manual is filled with pages of clarifications and examples to properly
(overkill) address any possible situation that may arise in gameplay.

I stopped my translation of the Epic rules to ASL not due to an
incompatibility of scale, but rather a lack of time available (I have 4 kids
in diapers at home to deal with) with the vast number of units I would need
to convert (especially the vehicles and titans). I figured I could make a
few minor changes to the SM/NetEpic rules in much less time and have a
playable/enjoyable game and get on with playing.
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