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From: Robert Heitkamp <robert_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 14:43:40 -0700

Luca Lettieri wrote:

> On 13 Dec 99, at 11:16, Robert Heitkamp wrote:
> > Just a quick note here about ASL and scale:
> >
> > ASL supports (very well) the use of 6mm, 1/285th scale vehicles. ASL
> > does not deal with the individual equipment of your sqauds/men either.
> WHOA... that completely contradicts anything I've ever heard about
> ASL (which is not much, admittedly). Go figure. This will teach me
> to look at things myself rather than trusting third party info, I
> suppose.
> As a matter of fact, you've got me interested. My main problem
> with ASL was that I don't like squad or platoon-level wargames that
> much. At this point, I think I'll have a look at the rules... if I can still
> find them now that AH is dead.

Of course Epic is on the same scale as ASL, and ASL is only "mostly" dead. I'm
under the impression that it will return eventually. Hasbro owns/bought Avalon

> You see, I never bothered after I was told by one guy: "the ASL
> rules actually devote three pages to the cannibalization of disabled
> tanks' weapons by infantry pieces"...

That is not entirerly inaccurate. There is a section in the rules that does
cover just that. It allows a squad to recover a machine gun from a wreck. Each
section of rules in ASL is fairly lengthy to cover all situations that may
arise. If ASL allowed the players to just use common sense to resolve problems
(like Games Workshop...just roll a d6...) the rules would only be about 1/3
their normal length.

I would never recommend ASL to anyone who does not like to read rules. They can
be very intimidating.
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