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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 08:06:50 +0200

> ASL supports (very well) the use of 6mm, 1/285th scale
> vehicles. ASL does
> not deal with the individual equipment of your sqauds/men
> either. The only
> individual pieces of equipment that are of concern are
> (usually) a single
> support weapon (machine gun/bazooka/etc.) that a squad may carry. I
> converted the infantry rules of ASL to use Epic/Warhammer
> 40,000 units, and
> found it worked very smoothly and quickly. In ASL one counter
> represents
> either 1 squad or 1 vehicle, just like Epic. In fact, the
> units in SM are a
> bit more detailed than in ASL. ASL represents each squad with
> a firepower,
> range and morale (leadership). There is no mention of
> individual equipement.
> I found that the ASL rules worked very well (in playtesting)
> with the SM
> scale and models. ASL games play very quickly (just a few hours).
Do you have the conversion you have done so far in such a format you can
send it by email? I would LOVE to see it. As a matter of fact I myself have
been toying with the idea of converting Epic to ASL but have never quite
gotten started.

> I stopped my translation of the Epic rules to ASL not due to an
> incompatibility of scale, but rather a lack of time available
> (I have 4 kids
> in diapers at home to deal with) with the vast number of
> units I would need
> to convert (especially the vehicles and titans). I figured I
> could make a
> few minor changes to the SM/NetEpic rules in much less time and have a
> playable/enjoyable game and get on with playing.
4 kids!? I only have one and still I am exhausted. Of course, trying to
study and work the same time may have something to do with it...

Jyrki Saari

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