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From: Robert Heitkamp <robert_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 08:44:24 -0700

jyrki.saari_at_... wrote:

> Do you have the conversion you have done so far in such a format you can
> send it by email? I would LOVE to see it. As a matter of fact I myself have
> been toying with the idea of converting Epic to ASL but have never quite
> gotten started.

Yes, I do have them.The zipped Word 97 docs are 250K. They consist of the
WarmasterRules.doc - The rules. Most of the Guns/OBA and Vehicle rules are
still pure ASL. I OCR'd the manual.
InfantryUnits.doc - Basic unit information for Eldar and Imperial Infantry.
VehicleUnits.doc - A (mostly) empty chart for Eldar and Imperial Vehicles.
Guns.doc - A sample (incomplete) document that was going to be the format of a
vehicle data card.

If several people are interested in the rules, I can email them (remember they
are 250K) or put them on my (empty) website.

Just let me know.
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