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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 09:22:27 +0100

Luca Lettieri wrote:
> > Maybe I repeat myself but the question about heroes isn't heroes, but
> > what you allow heroes to do.
> >From a game balance perspective, you're right. But even balanced,
> they would still grate on my "wargaming sensibility", so to speak.
> A single man should NOT have any significant effect in a major
> battle. Unless we're speaking of the commander and his
> decisions... but this is the realm of the player, not of some special
> piece.

Try to think of a heroes just like a single different piece, this don't
imply necessarily heroes unfairness, I really like "heroes" if you mean
something not usual that give more flavour to a game, I mean, not a
"Gavinatus" :o)

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