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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 19:23:32 -0800

I like anything anyone does to add Adeptus Titanicus fluff back into the
game (but I'm biased really badly).

I...hmm...I like the concept you used for the Shield Overloads but I'm not
sure how well it would work in the game. SM battles last a lot less time
then AT ones you know. And a 1 turn invulnerability could be a GIGANTIC

-2 to shoot down shields. yikes. That's going WAY to far. Remember the game
is D6 based ;) Ball rounds should ignore shields, that's what they used to
do in the AT days anyways. Void missiles...I THINK they were countered by
active void shields (have to check the text).

Remember if people want to check the old Adeptus Titanicus rules I have them
on my site. They are in PDF so anyone can use them.


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> > Perhaps to counter the problem of Infantry knocking shields out we can
> take
> > an idea from the old Adeptus Titanicus Overload rule. At the start of
> > phase (either First Fire or Advance Fire) the Titan's controller can
> > declare they are overloading the Void Shields (NOT Power Fields). The
> > shields will hold under whatever fire they take, but the chances of an
> > overload in the generators are very high. No matter how many times the
> > shields are hit, they will not fall. However, keep track of the number
> > hits they take and at the end of the phase, roll a D6 and add the number
> of
> > hits the shields took in that phase and consult the "Shield Overload"
> > table. The Overload table would be something along the lines of the
> > Reactor Damage table (but extending beyond 6 to account for the
> > with the most extreme results seeing the Titan explode.
> >
> > For example:
> >
> > 1- The Generators complain under the increased load but hold. No
> > 2-3 The generators threaten to cause a feedback into the power system
> > forcing the Princeps to shut some of them down. The Titan lose half its
> > remaining shields (they may be repaired)
> > 4-5 Safety cut-outs shut the genrators down before they feedback into
> > reactor system, Tita loses all its remaining shields (they may be
> repaired)
> > 6-8 The generators cause an overload feedback into the power system, as
> > result saftey cut outs shut the Reactor down. The Titan is without
> > until it can be repaired.
> > 9-10 The energy feedback into the power systems causes significant
> > to the Neural Interface. Roll on the Titan Head Damage table.
> > 11- The feedback overloads the reactor. Roll on the Titan reacotr
> > Table.
> > 12+ The feedback causes the Plasma Reactor to explode. Treat as "6"
> > result on the Titan Reactor Damage Table.
> >
> > This way, a player can ensure an Imperial Titan's survival for at least
> one
> > phase (as long as no one uses a weapon that ignores shields), but the
> > chances of it becoming useless or even exploding are significant.
> Ok, I really like this idea. It adds just enough of an ability to balance
> things out without making it too powerful. It also requires that no stats
> changed.
> There are only three other options I see to this situation that are
> (1) Say that Vortex Missiles and Ball Rounds "ignore" shields rather than
> knock them all down. (2) Let Titans make their armor save on 2d6. (3)
> only weapons with a -2 save modifier to knock down Titan shields.
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